Get Hooked On Gold

Okay let’s talk about metals. Yeah shiny metals. Okay let’s be more serious. Some people get absolutely nuts about precious metals. I know I did when I first started collecting. It’s just something that gets under your skin. We deal so much nowaday with things that are virtual and artificial. It’s really something to behold when you take a chunk of silver or gold and hold it in your hand for the first time.

The density of these metals is really something that takes people back when they first since it. It’s hard to explain until you’ve done it yourself. Most of the things that we handle physically every day just don’t feel the same is a large piece of silver or gold. After all Silver is approximately 10.5 grams per cubic centimeter. Gold is approximately 19 g/cm³. Compare that to iron which is approximately 9 g/cm³. That’s a substantial difference.

It’s not often that we hold something in our hands that compares in density to gold and silver. It’s fascinating. Try it sometime. You’ll be hooked.